​            Happy this day, who is visiting in online page of Arbitration at Ulaanbaatar city’s Chamber of Commerce.

The globalization is running rapidly and then multinational trade or investment is developing quickly. By the time, business argument of cooperation isn’t solved by expensive and overtime Court and then who is approach to solve the problems by professional, third party, independent person or arbitration instead of it is improved rapidly in the world.

As solve the argument by Court, parties are impossible that select the judge, select for activities regulation of argument and methods but also who are appeal for several month and year under tight regulation from Court as well as there is continued for many levels on control.

Arbitration system is controlled and solved for business argument extrajudicial nd then which is featured that parties are solves the argument promtly, lower expenses, the effortless process and easily control. In other hand, parties are free that solve the argument, select the arbitration, if any required, refuse the arbitration, negotiate the regulation for solving debate, select the place and language for Arbitration, select the type of solving debate. This is importance that save the time and expenses instead of protect for business position.

Arnitration at UBCC is appreciated to intimate you that solving regulation the debate is handling under requirement of Arbitration at International Chamber of Commerce.

In requirement of international and national law or regulation and rule, professional team is organizing for Arbitration activity with high quality, which is basic to validate for Arbitration decision and fulfilled.

The international business debate is approach that explanation in associated with culture, worth, system violation between countries than debate within individuals. The solving debate by international official representative, independent and experienced arbitration is required in environment of business.

We composed experienced, specialized and professional arbitrations such as mining, infrastructure, construction, investment, procurement. There are consists of representatives of public and civil legal system countries such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, European Union countires, Switzerland, USA and England.

The main issue of any cooperation is an agreement and negotiation. The agreement is reflected as assessment of any potential and presumable condition’s calculation and then which is importance for legal consequence. Based on confidence, it is your choice that right solution on how to decide for confidence of cooperation, who is protect own interest and how to protect it.

As you visit I our online page, we hope that latest informations on our activities in associated with legal business agreement, contract example and use in activity, legal assistance and task of organization.

We work based on independent, reliable and honorable. So we are led others by non-corruption and non-bureaucracy service.