President of MCS Group Od J. is appointed by President of UBCC

Executive Director in Board of Directors, Director of UFC Group Amartuvshin .O,

In member of Board of Directors, Director of Shunkhlai Group Batsaikhan P., Director of Petrovis Group Oyungerel J., Director of Ard financial Union Company Gankhuyag Ch., Director of Golomt Financial Union Company Bolormaa L., Director of Jiguur Grand Group Khliun B., Head for National Economics Development Department Temuulin E., Director of Tuushin LLC Altanzul Z., Director of General Electronics LLC Tumentsogt Ts., Director of MOF Batsaikhan B., Director of Tsast LLC Bayarsaikhan N., Director of Zag LLC Nemekhbaatar B., Director of Deloit LLC Onchinsuren D., Head for Board of Directors in Oyutolgoi LLC Batsukh G., has capacity of 15 people, respectively.