Importance to be member in UBCC

  • UBCC is associated with mayor’s institutions of the city on behalf of members and official right and interest of businessmen and then as member, who is delivered for problems of business in the level of state instead of to be make good environment of business and contribute in policy and resolution;
  • To participate in member’s conference from Chambers and then explain for proposals on discussing issues;
  • To cooperate with foreign partnership from Chambers and then to include in required project and programs;
  • To take the promotion and exchange the information to provide by experienced personnel in order to improve for potential of human resource;
  • To request the promotion on business opportunities from Chambers;
  • To take the promotion in order to communicate the relations with foreign partnerships;
  • To take for foreign investment, there are many opportunities to promote and enhance for competitiveness by members of Chambers.


Is it opened toWhom ?

It is completely opened that foreign and domestic entities, institutions and businessmen who are operated the activitied in Ulaanbaatar city.

How to be a member?


  1. To introduce with rule of chamber
  2. Duplicate copy of company’s certificate
  3. Duplicate of own citizen ID card
  4. Original copy for protocol from Board of Directors which is approved to be a member in this NGO
  5. To pay the charge of member