• To develop for cooperation within state and private companies in order to promote city economical development;
  • In territory of Ulaanbaatar city, businessmen proposal was reflected to improve economical and social policy resolution, law and regulation and then which is fitted in interest of businessmen from State Grest Hural and Government as communicate woth Mayor’s office directly;
  • To enhance for vacancy and competition ability in order to reality importance which is influenced in field economics of financial service and protect common right and law or interest of foreign and domestic businessmen and members;
  • To cooperate, develop for partnership and organize as select for fitted ways on cooperation with professional committees;
  • To organize for signing on memorandum and cooperating with “Development corporation of Ulaanbaatar city” C., Ltd, and Mayor’s office of Ulaanbaatar city in order to implement for development project and program in Ulaanbaatar city;
  • The proposal and request of chamber’s members, committees and professional unions is explored and compounded on activities of mayor’s office and budget detailed information, enhance for investment and environment of business, stabilize, improve for law and regulation, and then deliver in Mayor’s institution and National chamber;
  • To handle policy and support for implementation of sate and mayor based on advertising for standing of Mongolia and good environment of business on international market, configure for investment and good environment of business;
  • To configure for environment of business and database of market and then exchange the information;
  • To organize, advisory, exchange and invite with foreign and domestic institutie and business organizations on experiment, research, theory, practice’s conference and meeting;
  • To promote and work for cooperation between and professional educational institution and private companies to compound law and economics environment in order to teach the specialist demand of market;