• The proposal is made, to define for state policy and resolution based on it as configure for good and comfort environment of business, to make the suggestion and summary as improved issue, participate, support and advertise for policy and resolution;
  • To promote production industry to replace for foreign trade, export and import, to enhance for competition ability as improve the business potential;
  • As promote for business activities, it is establishing for alternative fund, implementing project and program, organizing;
  • To expand for international trade, economics, business cooperation between foreign cities and organizations;
  • As investigation for business environment, it will be configured that database of market;
  • To support and promote for businessmen in order to communicate relations with foreign partnership;
  • On the market of world, standing of Mongolia will develop and influence for good environment of business;
  • To deliver rapidly work for pure industry and service in nature, to develop the cooperation with foreign and domestic or international instiutions based on promotion of investment;