• To develop association of state and private companies as support for economical development in Ulaanbaatar city;

    In territory of Ulaanbaatar city, businessmen proposal was reflected to improve economical and social policy resolution, law and regulation and then which is fitted in interest of businessmen from State Grest Hural and Government as communicate woth Mayor’s office directly;

    Ulaanbaatar city is developed to be the biggest financial center in area of Northeast Asia in order to advertise in foreign and domestic as handle and implement for state and administration’s policy  based on configuring for investment, good and comfort environment of business;

    To represent for common right snd interest of members and foreign and domestic businessmen;

    The proposal and suggestion on implementation of chamber’s core goals is worked dividently in members of Board of Directors and fields. In the case of implementation and handle of business project, it is worked rapidly in unio of organization as the committee is mutually established that work team and temporary committee.

    In order to provide for communication of the work, committees are cooperated and exchanged the informations with Control council and Chamber’s work. It is participated I international exhibition, fair and its equaled actions on behalf of city, participating the representative of state and non-governmental organization and private companies, and then organizing for international and domestic exhibition and fair.

    The multiple activities will cooperate and actively participate in organization’s activity as support for industry and international or joint chambers of commerce and industry and then areal trade instead of it is communicated with organization which is promoted trade and economics of foreign city and state.

    The Committees are approved by activity’s planning based on implementing for objectives, methods, required properties and issues of human resource per 6 months instead of the schedule work and process and result of project implementation will be reported in conference for Board of Directors annually.