Ulaanbaatar city Chamber of Commerce /UBCC/ is a non-governmental organization by initiative of business enterprises in the city. 

The Chamber goal is to aim that deliver for rational ideas of bisunessmen to handle for development policies, to support for national development, to protect for right of business enterprise in authorized organizations.

The Chamber of Commerce is first attended that complete for clean, safety, citizen’s comfort and living standard conditions instead of there is condition for good environment of foreign investment and then it is aimed that the city will be center of finance in the future.

Our first work is organized the forum with representative of business, joint venture companies with foreign and city’s administration under “Ulaanbaatar investment 2015”. During this action, UBCC and Administration of Ulaanbaatar city is mutually signed on memorandum to support for business. As well as three members who are selected from Chambers to Board of Directors of Development Corporation in Ulaanbaatar city. By the time, it is completely implemented that PPP project as mutually cooperation within state and private companies. UBCC is successfully organized with City Governor’s Office for business forum “Ulaanbaatar Procurement-2016” in January 20, 2016. As meeting with field of business organizations, it is successfully organized with business organizations and professional institutions in order to solve the problems. In territory of the city, works of investigation id continuing which is consist of business organizations. As we make a memorandum with Tourism Department, it is implementing with Ulaanbaatar ciy for several importance issues.